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Christopher Sanchez10 months ago
I came here with a group of friends to try Vietnamese food for the first time. When the server heard this, she was more than willing to explain to us what each item was, how to eat it, and gave us as much time as we needed to choose what we wanted. The food was fantastic, the servings were very generous, and the prices were more than reasonable. This was a great first experience, and I highly recommend this restaurant.

Eloy Wilsona year ago-
I cannot say enough about this restaurant. I have been to several Vietnamese restaurants and none of them come close to the quality of the food; the friendliness and concern of the servers, the cleanliness; and the quality of the food. The food is busting with flavor and everything is fresh including their orange juice that they actually squeeze from the oranges by hand at the time you order. On top of all that, the price is a great surprise with all that you get. They really care about what goes into their food and the satisfaction of their customers. I eat out daily at a variety of restaurants all over the valley and overall I just love this place. They deserve to have a booming business. Their only drawback is a lack of exposure. Great food, great service, great experience.
By A Yahoo! Contributor, 08/15/10
I was having a hard time to find Vietnamese restaurant in Phoenix since I just moved here from Atlanta, GA, but I then I found Pho Binh Minh which locate at 4141 N. 35th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85017. This place is awesome, the food is great and the service is so nice and friendly. Try it and you'll know what I'm talking about
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By A Yahoo! Contributor, 08/13/10
Found our new lunch spot! Place has changed owners & name (PHO BINH MINH), but the food is awesome. Their seafood Pho is extremely tasty, with enough noodles, shrimp, pork, fish cake and broth to fill you up. I highly recommend it. We also had the spring rolls. Came with peanut sauce for dipping; probably the best tasting spring rolls I've had other than Kim Son in Houston. Not in the best location, but well worth it.
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By A Yahoo! Contributor, 06/13/10
This restaurant has new owners & is now called PHO BINH MINH. I ate the grilled pork Vietnamese sandwich ($3.00) and it was great! The meat was deliciously spiced and the bread was crusty on the outside and soft on the inside - sheer perfection! Next time, I am going to ask to pay a little more & get more pork on it. I think that most Americans would like to have a bit more meat, but for $3.00, it was the best deal in town! I also ordered the pork & shrimp Bun (noodles with meat & veggies). It was very good. This place is not in the best part of town, yet the restaurant was large, bright, clean and modern compared to most asian restaurants. I went there during lunch hour & felt very safe. There were many asian customers which is a good sign. A week later, I ordered a grilled pork sandwich at another nearby Vietnamese Sandwich Shop (Food City strip mall) & it was terrible. PHO BINH MINH is worth driving to the westside to experience if you like Vietnamese food!
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